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Attorney General to City Clerk Charlie Smyth: Urbana is Violating Public Records Laws

We have obtained a copy of a letter from the Illinois Attorney General which indicates that the City of Urbana is in violation of public records laws. The letter, addressed to Urbana City Clerk Charlie Smyth, says that records were improperly withheld by the Smyth’s office in a recent Freedom…

Champaign City Council: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

City Council study session on January 28, 2020 covered two main topics- City of Champaign’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and the review of Boards and Commissions. The CAFR, commonly known as “the audit” presents the financial operations and financial position of the city for fiscal year ended June 30,…

Champaign City Council: January 21, 2020

The January 21, 2020, City Council meeting kicked off with a special recognition session for two firefighters that were recently promoted. Greg Elliot, who has been with the Champaign Fire Department for 10 years was promoted to Fire Engineer. Jeff Jones, with 35 years of firefighting under his belt (21…

Chief Cobb Gives Smart Ass Response to Citizen Review Board Recommendations

At the January 8th, 2020 Champaign Citizen Review Subcommittee (CRS) meeting, board members spent some time discussing the suggested changes to the police complaint process, a discussion that has been simmering for at least the past year.  The ordinance which created the CRS in 2017 specifically tasks the 5 member…

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